WHAT UP, Staff Meal

Today was amazing.  Today, I devised and made staff meal from start to finish.  As in, I actually cooked a finished product for other Legumers to eat.  Even if it was just for staff, this felt awesome.

A couple of weeks ago, I made my first ever staff-anything, some sesame peanut noodles (a frequent staff meal) and a couple of coleslaws, one of which I even creative freedom with (fennel slaw, anyone?)  But today I not only suggested the recipes but actually stood behind the line and cooked the frickin’ food.  MY frickin’ food.

It was a slow prep morning, so I offered to help with staff meal in the first place.  The central ingredient for the day was to be some staff-designated halibut, and when Jess suggested that I come up with a seasoning or marinade for it, the first that occurred to me was a miso-glaze marinade, which I’ve used before for salmon and for eggplant.  Nasi dengaku, yum.  Miso, mirin, sugar, and sesame–it’s a super simple, quick concoction perfect for baked fish.  A French/Russian-inspired bistro doesn’t keep mirin on hand, so I added some sugar to some white wine, dissolved the rest of the ingredients into it, and was good to go.

When Jess proposed rice to go alongside, I suggested, “Why not fried?”  It was the perfect base for any added vegetables, and my dad’s egg fried rice is one of my simplest go-t0 recipes.  I sautéed up some mirepoix,  I seasoned some scrambled eggs to fry up, I mixed it all up in a hotel pan–I was golden.  The last meal component was the ubiquitous salad.  Following the Asian theme–the typical Japanese steakhouse ginger-carrot dressing salad.  Bingo.  This is where I needed help–my dressing came out a bit acidic.  I’m NOT a frequent salad dressing maker at home.  But a little olive oil and salt was all it needed.  Staff meal DONE.  An epic day.


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