WHAT UP, Staff Meal

Today was amazing.  Today, I devised and made staff meal from start to finish.  As in, I actually cooked a finished product for other Legumers to eat.  Even if it was just for staff, this felt awesome. A couple of weeks ago, I made my first ever staff-anything, some sesame peanut noodles (a frequent staff […]


The best part about working at a seasonal, farm-to-table restaurant?  (Besides the in house-fermented pickles and fish sauce and smoked bacon and, okay fine, everything else involved?)  Everything changes when the weather turns, spring being the most exciting of all, in my humble opinion.  I’ve always been ecstatic about bringing new green life into my […]

Not a Unicorn, Just a Donkey with a Funny Hat

He never showed up for his first day.  The first rule of hiring a new dishwasher: if he seems too good to be true, he probably is.  Here’s the math, if you’re into that sort of thing: former cook + restaurant prep experience = a dishwasher who will not show up. My hopes of switching […]

The Call of the Clatter

Let’s not be Debbie Downers here.  The best parts of the kitchen far overshadow the worst In Netflix’s Michael Pollan documentary, Cooked, released the other week, Chez Panisse alum Samin Nosrat describes the process of cooking in her own kitchen.  She says, “This is some of my favorite things to do, these little…I mean you almost […]

Assume the Worst

Let’s get the ugly bits out of the way. My first job-related breakdown (no promises it’ll be my last) happened sometime in early January, over 3 months in.  The novelty had worn off.  The “I quit my job to chase my dream!” glitz was long gone.  This shit was hard.  And it was real life.  And […]

Making It Work

The start of 2016 marked my transition into being a prep cook and away from dishwashing after three long months, a promise fulfilled from my first conversation with Chef-Owner Trevett that late September Saturday when I first walked into his restaurant, asked to speak to the chef, and asked for a job.  “I have zero […]

The Woes of Practicality

I picked up an economics major in college because it was the practical thing to do, and autumn 2008, when I began my freshman year at Duke, was not a time to be impractical.  The WSJ headlines announcing the death of Lehman (AND CAPITALISM AS WE KNEW IT), shoved under my nose courtesy of my weed-out course’s […]